Reiki is a Japanese term meaning "Universal Life Force" or "the energy that is in and around all of us".

Practitioners of this form of alternative medicine operate with the belief that living beings have an energy field. By extension, it's also believed that hindrances in those fields can cause a myriad of health issues as well as driving but other negative life experiences.

A reiki master trained and attuned to the energy and symbols used to help this energy flow, remove blockages and release any and all ties that are not to the persons' greater good. Bear in mind that the Reiki-Master is not using their own energy, and is therefore, "not drained". Some in fact, report a deep sense of greater health and well-being as practitioners.

During a reiki session, the Reiki practitioner does not perform. Depending on the Practitioner's approach, they may place their hands on you or near you. These sessions most typically start at the client's head and end at their feet. Reiki masters and clients have also been known to report that the Practitioner is "drawn" to places on the body where issues reside. We've found Reiki to be a valuable tool for those healing from surgery, are in episodic or chronic pain, experiencing PTSD, ADHD or depression, along with many other issues. 

Reiki is also used in hospitals across the country in conjunction with traditional western medicine. Many institutions are starting to recognize the benefits of energy and notice patients' healing comes easier when reiki is in use. While there are a "series of basics" that are part of most reiki sessions, these experiences can be unique. It's encouraged to arrive with an open attitude and allow the session proceed as it will.


  • Cupping $30
  • Aromatherapy $15
  • CBD $15
  • Hot stone $30
  • Arnica and essential oil pain relieving patches $5


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