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Hurts So Good Therapeutic Massage Therapy is where you come to Heal your Body, Rest your Mind & Restore your Soul.

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A form of ancient Chinese medicine which can be incorporated into your massage. Cups create a suction and are placed on areas with tension and pain to decompress, improve blood flow and circulation.


Amongst its many benefits, CBD is a plant based anti-inflammatory and pain suppressant that can enhance the effectiveness of your treatment. We provide standard and cooling menthol options.


Incorporating aromatherapy with the use of essential oils can provide added benefits to your session by increasing relaxation and reducing stress.


The use of heat packs or hot stones promotes an increase in the temperature of the affected area to help soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility.

Meet our team

Our team members are always ready to assist you and to provide excellent service. From the moment you step trough our doors you can trust them!


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Kay Hilliard

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We're Growing!

Thanks to the trust and experience of our loyal clients, we’re growing! If you’re an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist with strong work ethics, we encourage you to contact us here. Our practice is focused on helping clients in the greater Rochester New York area maintain the very best of their health. We look forward to hearing from you.


LICENSE: Massage, NY #031322

Who We Are

Hurts So Good was established in 2016 with the simple idea of helping as many people as possible manage their pain without harmful medications. Our therapists are responsive and compassionate about serving those who live with daily pain. That's why we employ a variety of massage techniques to better facilitate and enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself!

We specialize in treating those who suffer from chronic pain and our team is available 7 days a week to serve you. Whether you've been injured in a car, or are taking steps to better care for yourself, our licensed therapists will be attentive to your individual concerns.

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Get incredible value with our service packs. All members are eligible for regular discounts, apart from the seasonal offers and announcements. For every person reffered, you get 25% off on our Spa Package and Fitness Package.

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Take advantage of our amazing membership plans. Long term clients benefit from additional offers!
  • Free steam bath
  • Reflexotherapy
  • Aditional services
  • Valid for one
Persida NegronPersida Negron
20:51 28 Aug 21
Nice, relaxing. Always have had a great experience.
Tanya Hampton-RogersTanya Hampton-Rogers
03:20 22 May 21
Always have the best experience.
• SonOfGodBeats• SonOfGodBeats
02:12 17 May 21
5 STARS HANDS DOWN..the most positive environment, really chill, down to earth people who know exactly what they’re doing. The one place out of few that you fell 100% comfortable. Great vibes!
Rachel DavisRachel Davis
22:13 22 Jan 21
The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure that you are comfortable. Appreciated the text a couple of days after just checking in on me
Adam SalemAdam Salem
20:30 07 Jan 20
I hesitated about writing this review but i thought that I should do it so other potential costumers know. My fiance was given a massage by the owner and he's married. My fiance is a friendly person with a very nice attitude. However, she told me that the owner/the massage therapist was too talkative during the massage. The next early morning after that massage, he messaged her on her cellphone from his cellphone (after getting her number from the application which she submitted online).The message was not professional as it was in the early morning and she did not authorize him to do so. She got uncomfertable feeling and vibe that he was trying something that has nothing to do with a massage. She told me all of this and i decided to say something.P.SShe won't go back again.

Whether you are looking for a massage to relax or to ease muscle pain, Hurts So Good Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center is the place to go! The staff are welcoming, courteous, and professional. The facility is immaculate and completely embraces a relaxing, peaceful experience for clients.

Jill K.

Greece, NY

Tried Hurts So Good for the first time. I enjoyed one hour and thirty minutes of full body and foot massage. The massage therapist was amazingly professional and made sure that everything went well. She was mindful and present during the massage.

Adham H.

Rochester, NY

I heard of this place through groupon and im glad i did. It's close to my house and it's easy to find. Its nice and quiet, clean, and has beautiful treatment rooms. You can book online (love it), but they ask you to call to make an appointment if you've never been. They got back to me the same day and were able to get me in the next day!

Jennifer O.

Greece, NY

Chiedu gave me an amazing deep tissue massage, getting to spots I didn't even realize needed attention. I bought a groupon for this first massage but will be going back regularly from now on! Best massage I have ever gotten!

Chrissy B.

Rochester, NY

If you are looking for the best Massage ever....this is truly the place. Very well educated and they really care about you as a person.

Brenda S.

Westgate, NY