About us

Massage techniques to better facilitate and enhance your body's natural ability to heal itself!

Why "Hurts So Good"?

In 2016, Hurts So Good was established to be relatable and to put a smile on peoples faces. If you've had a therapeutic massage before, you will understand immediately what we do here! AND if you've never experienced a therapeutic massage you will certainly understand after your first treatment!

The stages of therapeutic massage most often involve involve 1, 2, 3! Because we so often treat those dealing with long term injuries, auto-accidents as well as active adolescents and adults, we see the effect of chronic pain. We know there's a better way to deal with it than "more-medication". Our goal is to help you work through the pain that brings you to us, and prepare you for a more active and more pain-free life.


LICENSE: Massage, NY #025641

My goal is to help as many people as possible by coupling both Swedish and Deep Tissue styles to provide optimal relaxation and pain relief. I am passionate in helping those seeking massage as a way to manage pain and stress, and also those who have been injured in car accidents.


LICENSE: Massage, NY #031396

I believe the body's ability to heal itself has been underestimated! I challenge myself to keep learning and currently offer a variety of techniques tailored to meet each individual's needs. From sports injuries and rehab to active stretching, I can work with your body to get you feeling like you should again. Regardless of your current level of activity, let me show you what reclaiming your body and your sanity feels like!

Andrea Queen LMT/Reiki Master

LICENSE: Certified as Reiki Master

Deep feet ashiatsu and licensed massage therapist  I have always been interested in massage and helping people, however I was a bit leery of the science classes I would have to take. This all came to a head in 2016, when my own chronic pain issues brought me onto a massage table. It was the only thing that helped me that wasn't pills. And I didn't want pills. It became my mission to go to school to help others. Really help others with pain.  During school public massages alot of my clients were people with Parkinsons, MS, Fibro and other pain issues.  And that's where my passion lies. The Therapeutic side of massage. I also absolutely love doing prenatal. I graduated from NYIM- New York Institute of Massage in 2018. I am also certified in Ashiatsu massage, which is an eastern massage where I massage you with my feet. It's a deep tissue massage that feels like relaxation. I love doing it because it's like a dance, and it's so easy on the body compared to traditional deep tissue.  I am also a certified Reiki Master since 2019.  I love energy work and figuring out and being correct on where a person is having problems. As an intuitive empath it helps me listen more to my gut and guides.  My purpose really is to help and heal people