Medical massage therapy is often covered by your car insurance when you have been in an auto accident. If you do not receive the correct and timely care, even a minor auto accident can have major effects on your body for years to come. If you have been injured in an auto accident, medical massage therapy is essential as a part of your medical care plan. Coping with a serious injury is difficult enough without endless paperwork to manage.

Here at hurts so good therapeutic massage and wellness, we routinely get referrals from general practitioners, surgeons, as well as chiropractors. We are happy to work with those professionals to help you and your healing journey.

Medical massage is not a general treatment, as it is applied specifically to the areas relating to the diagnosis provided by the referring physician. A typical medical massage session lasts 30 minutes which can be utilized 2 to 3 times per week. As insurance covers one kind of treatment a day, we schedule massage on opposing days of other ongoing therapies you may be receiving.

We will manage all of the details of your treatment including verification of your insurance before your first appointment and can lead you through the process with continuation of care. Our goal is to ensure you have the best healing experience with the least amount of stress.


  • Cupping $30
  • Aromatherapy $15
  • CBD $15
  • Hot stone $30
  • Arnica and essential oil pain relieving patches $5


We make every effort to value your time and we schedule your appointment time just for you. We truly appreciate your courtesy of giving us 24 hours notice if you have a conflict with your appointment and need to schedule a different day or time. Failure to provide ample notice will result in a fee of $25 that needs to be paid before you can schedule your next appointment.