With school and sports massage therapy isn't just for adults. Kids today are moving at incredible speeds. From early morning practices and rehearsals, to a full day at school followed by homework, It's safe to say that kids are also suffering from chronically elevated stress levels. Massage can help raise alertness and performance levels, decrease depression, and increase mental focus. It is a good idea to acquaint children of any age to the healing benefits of routine massage therapy! 30 minute sessions are a great starting point for any young body. It is recommended parents sit in during session for the first appointment or more if needed, and minors are required to have parental consent.


  • Cupping $30
  • Aromatherapy $15
  • CBD $15
  • Hot stone $30
  • Arnica and essential oil pain relieving patches $5


We make every effort to value your time and we schedule your appointment time just for you. We truly appreciate your courtesy of giving us 24 hours notice if you have a conflict with your appointment and need to schedule a different day or time. Failure to provide ample notice will result in a fee of $25 that needs to be paid before you can schedule your next appointment.