You might be asking yourself, "What IS a therapeutic massage?" This type of massage can be best described as using a variety of techniques tailored to your specific needs in regard to chronic pain, or injuries sustained by activity or accident. We work within your pain tolerance to ensure that the massage is effective. While this may be uncomfortable at times, it should not be overly painful. The pain you feel during a massage is due to lack of oxygen within the tissue, so by increasing circulation and manipulating the tissue, oxygen can flow freely into those designated areas promoting healing.


  • Cupping $30
  • Aromatherapy $15
  • CBD $15
  • Hot stone $30
  • Arnica and essential oil pain relieving patches $5


We make every effort to value your time and we schedule your appointment time just for you. We truly appreciate your courtesy of giving us 24 hours notice if you have a conflict with your appointment and need to schedule a different day or time. Failure to provide ample notice will result in a fee of $25 that needs to be paid before you can schedule your next appointment.